The Lawson Residence

Scope of Project:

The wish list for this client included a new balcony deck off their bedroom, a dedicated dining area overlooking their view of the neighboring greenbelt and the mountains beyond, and a relaxing area with a fire feature.

We chose to create aesthetic interest to the deck, by creating a radius facing to its design that served to invite ones attention out in the direction of the primary view corridor. We created further appeal by cantilevering the deck over the main supporting beam.

For the creation of the dining patio, we chose tumbled Strassen Cracovia pavers by Borgert Products, in their Minnesota River color pallet. The seat walls were constructed of Strassen Wall blocks, also from Borgert Products in their Boulder Blend color pallet. The walls were capped with contrasting Sterling Gray pavers, under which we hid subtle wall lighting fixtures by Unique Lighting.

The fire pit patio was designed in a circular fashion both to invite one into the space, and to provide a sense of warm enclosure once there. The patio was positioned to provide a secondary focal point to the yard beyond the stunning view of the mountains which they had. We used the same materials for the patio and patio wall construction as we did for the dining patio. A segmented sand finish walkway was created as means to connect the dining patio and the fire pit patio. A firepit from Prism Hardscapes was chosen for the fire feature itself.

Our plant material selection for this project included Yellow Flower Carpet Rose, Royalty Lilac, Black Knight Delphinium, Variegated Iris, and the very unusual Misaka Peony.