With apologies to Sonny for posting this review more than a year after the work was done, Design Exteriors was a delight to work with. A family reunion was scheduled in mid-June last year (2015). I hoped to have the project completed by the end of May to allow time for new plantings to mature a bit before the event. We were expecting 40-45 people of all ages to gather under a rented tent in the back yard. Sonny spent an hour or more that first appointment, measuring and stepping out my back yard. He came back a few days later to check some measurements, etc. After delivering preliminary plans, my son and I discussed options and Sonny delivered final plans in the fall of 2014 and, on my computer, showed me pictures of the various plantings I could choose from. I scheduled the work to commence as soon as the weather warmed up enough the next Spring. Spring arrived and with it the monsoon. Sonny kept a close eye on the project throughout that wet season. His crew worked tirelessly to meet my deadline even though pressure was building from all his other clients. As a rainy May turned into a rainy early June, I panicked. The guys kept at it under unpleasant conditions and spent many late days as the deadline loomed. On June 20th, all was beautiful and cleaned up before the first guests began arriving the next day! I love Sonny’s thoughtful design. I appreciate that he accommodated my desire for xeriscape and low-maintenance plantings. My budget was limited and he patiently told me options to consider and advised me where I could save without compromising style. As the work progressed, he paid attention to every detail, including things I would probably never have noticed. I couldn’t be happier with the whole process of working with Design Exteriors.