The project started off smaller, basically sealing 6 vertical cracks which were allowing water into basement. Sonny, had however, warned that as the excavation proceeded there was no way to tell if those cracks extended horizontally beneath ground level and would have to be uncovered and sealed. Unfortunately this was the case and as the project continued so did the cracks. Sonny and Arturo, his foreman, were very sympathetic to the situation and made sure to show me all that was going on. When it was clear that the scope of the project had dramatically changed we had a meeting and came to a new price agreement, which saved me several thousand dollars based on the original pricing formula. I was greatly appreciative, and felt this was an accommodation not many contractors would have done. In our original contract, Sonny was also going to provide downspout adaptors, going into underground PVC pipes, away from the house into catch basins. This system would contain all the roof water and get it away from the foundation. Because of the increased magnitude/cost of the project, I decided to do this portion myself. Sonny was very helpful in spending time on several occasions to tell me in detail what I needed to purchase and how to construct the system. I followed his directions and accomplished this portion of the job myself. Again, I don’t think that many contractors would have provided this assistance. I was very grateful and appreciative. I would also like to say that Arturo and his crew were a pleasure to work with. They did a wonderful job, and were always very gracious and professional in allowing me oversight and answering any questions I had. Through no fault of their own this project did drag out quite a bit longer that expected. This was because of the almost constant rain we had this past summer. Besides, making it impossible to work much of the time, it also created deep clay mud which made the work very difficult, and progress sometimes very slow. That said, Arturo and crew always maintained a good attitude and kept me and my project always in the loop. This was a very difficult project, and I’m very glad that I was working with people of Sonny and Arturo’s expertise, and professionalism.. It made a very difficult project go much better than it might have otherwise.