They did good work. I had a downpayment on November 14th and the final payment on the 16th because it was a 3-day job. They were good. They gave me a bid. They did what they said they were going to do. It's only been up since November so I'm assuming it's not going to crumble, but they seemed to know what they were doing. They did good work and it looks good. I was really pleased with them. I will work with them again. There was one thing I wasn't happy with, but I got it taken care of. The wall is masonry blocks covered in stucco and the damage was all on one side so they had to take the wood gate off, demolish and rebuild one side, and put the gate back on, but when they put the gate back on, they didn't have the latch wind up properly, and it was almost impossible to open it. It was really, really stiff. He looked at it and he said we could put a wire on it and it will help us pull it up, and I was thinking it looks some kind of a trailer park. $5500 on a wall and he's telling you to put a wire on the latch, and it will help me wrench it. That's not fixing it. I have a handyman who comes and does stuff for me. The problem was it was off a little bit and I was afraid they would just be drilling into the same holes and making the holes bigger so it's not going to work. He fixed it in 20 minutes so I didn't worry. It's probably not a big thing.