I had noticed that there was what appeared to be water damage inside of my home with bubbled and loose paint/drywall and was unsure what the root cause was. I had several people out to assess the issue. Design Exteriors was the only company to discover that it was not just my water heater routing through my chimney and saturating the bricks that was the issue but also the fact that my furnace was routing through the chimney and causing further damage. Three additional companies came out and did NOT discover that the furnace was causing part of the issue. These other companies only looked at what I thought the root cause was and went no further. Design Exteriors was not only thorough in their assessment and estimate, but they were also thorough in how they fixed the issue. Although other companies quoted me less money to "fix" the issue, I felt these other companies weren't taking care of the entire problem the way Design Exteriors did. Design Exteriors fixed the problem COMPLETELY. Other companies wanted to take shortcuts so as to come in with a better price. Design Exteriors took one full day to fix the issue completely and followed up with me to be sure that the work they did was thorough and to my satisfaction. This is an honest company that does good work.