Although we met with Sonny with Design Exteriors in June and he submitted the final proposal and contract for our landscape project, he actually turned the job over to 2 of his crew members, Eduardo and Enrique. Both men have many years of experience in landscaping and Sonny is helping them to get their own business, New Vista Landscaping, LLC going strong by turning over some of the smaller projects to them. Sonny submitted the proposal and was always responsive to any questions we had, but Eduardo and Enrique did all of the hands on work. Occasionally, a couple of other crew members assisted them too. Eduardo and Enrique were both professional, very helpful and very eager to make sure we were happy with work being done. They worked extremely hard in nearly 100 degree temperatures to get the word done. The only concern would be that they were juggling a number of other landscape projects at the same time and were not working here every day. From the date that they actually started work in our yard until it was completely finished was approximately 3 weeks. The work itself would've taken less than 1 week if they had been able to be here every day. However, we do understand that this was not their only project and they are trying to keep many clients happy. Some parts of our project also had to be done in stages. I just mention this so that anyone else hiring them are aware that they may not show up every day to work on your project. They did get better about letting us know when they would be back after a couple of days on the job. The one other things was that our drip system hoses were all buried under the river rock, so we had to locate them so as we add new plants we know where the drip hoses are for them. Overall, we are very pleased with our new yard! It looks great and was done exactly as we requested. Eduardo and Enrique are very conscientious and hard workers. They want to be sure that the job is done exactly how you want it and that you are happy with the work being done. They are not afraid though to offer suggestions and tips either, which we found was very helpful. The work was very reasonably priced and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody and will definitely hire them again for any future projects!