Landscape Design

One of the functions of proper landscape design is to highlight the architectural attributes of the house, garage, and other hardscape features like walls, arbors and water features, while masking any of their negative qualities. A well-designed landscape should soften structures and hardscape features, while adding beauty, depth and interest.

Good landscaping will have a proper scale with the house, and should be layered back to front.

A properly designed landscape should consider the appropriate selection, placement and balance of the following:

  • Deciduous shade trees for both shade and privacy
  • Evergreen trees for screening, texture and to act as a wind buffer
  • Deciduous and evergreen ornamental trees for color and year-round points of interest
  • Evergreen shrubs as a background or foundation planting to maintain winter interest
  • Deciduous shrubs to fill out, give texture, color and dimension to the landscape
  • Ground covers to add depth
  • Bulbs, perennials and annuals to add seasonal color and textural accents
  • Vines for color and vertical accent.